Hi, I’m Jisoo Lee

User experience research & design

My interest is centered around designing and evaluating user experiences of digital technologies that aim to impact major social issues, particularly self-directed life improvement related to both physical and emotional health. In my PhD thesis, I explored how to facilitate users' self-experimentation of alternative behavior change strategies for creating better behavioral routines.

I am on the job market! I am looking for a full-time position where I can actively interact with users and translate their voices into robust user experiences of digital health technologies.

Please check out my CV [PDF]

Contact: jisoolee101@gmail.com


Supporting Self-Experimentation for Behavior Change

After a person knows what they “should” do, a separate process is needed to study how to change and maintain the targeted behavior over time. In this work, I developed and evaluated a theory-based approach for supporting individuals in creating and evaluating their own plans for changing their behaviors, which include a context-aware “just-in-time” home-based support system.

Tool of Context-Aware Applications for Behavior Change

This work reports on the tool that enables development of context-aware “just-in-time” home-based support systems for behavior change. The tool integrates a suite of hardware and software, with a focus on balancing between ease-of-use and expressiveness in terms of creating personalized just-in-time interventions.

TrackMe: A Mobile Application for User-Created Self-Report Measures

Self-tracking often involves some degree of self-reported data capture. I am planning to develop a tool for users’ own creation of self-report measures. The tool should be optimized to users’ needs of self-tracking various facets of daily life.

Supporting Daily Activities of People with Mild Dementia

The proposed system was designed to support the independent daily life of patients with mild dementia via leveraging network and sensor technology.